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Hazardous Location Led Portable Work Light EX02H Series


Hazardous areas Zone 1 / 2 (Gas)

Hazardous areas Zone 21 / 22 (Dust)


Class I Division 1 Group C, D

Class I Division 2 Group A, B, C, D

Class II Division 1 Group E, F, G

Class II Division 2 Group F, G

Class III Division 1 & 2


image.png II 2G Ex db eb mb IIC T5 Gb

image.png II 2D Ex mb tb IIIC T5 Db


Ex db eb mb IIC T5 Gb

Ex mb tb IIIC T5 Db

Certificate & Standard

USA: UL 1598, UL 8750,UL 844

Canada: C22.2#250, CSA C22.2#137

EN/IEC 60079-0; EN/IEC 60079-1; EN/IEC 60079-7

EN/IEC 60079-18; EN/IEC 60079-31

Product Highlight
  1. Explosion-Proof Design: The EX02-H Series from SAFER-EX is specifically engineered to meet explosion-proof standards, ensuring safe operation in hazardous environments.

  2. Portable and Versatile: With its lightweight and portable design, this LED work light offers flexibility for use in various industrial settings, providing reliable illumination wherever it's needed.

  3. Rubberized Handle: The integrated rubberized handle provides a secure and comfortable grip, enhancing safety for operators working in challenging conditions.

  4. Insulated Handle: Designed with insulation, the handle ensures additional safety by protecting against electrical hazards, making it suitable for use in environments where electrical safety is paramount.

  5. On-Site Service Convenience: The EX02-H Series is designed to provide operators with great convenience, allowing for easy on-site servicing and maintenance, thereby minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.


Rated Power15W25W
Light efficacy150lm/W150lm/W
Luminous Flux2250lm3750lm
Fixture Weight2.3kgs/5.07lbs2.3kgs/5.07lbs
Input Voltage12-24Vac, 100-240Vac, 120-277Vac, 120-347Vac, 12-36Vdc, 140-250Vdc for option
Surge ProtectionDM 2KV
Housing MaterialCopper free Die-Casting aluminum with expoxy powder coating finished
Cable EntryM20, M25, NPT 1/2", NPT3/4", G1/2, G3/4
Ingress ProtectionIP66
Impact RatingIK10 (20J)
Ambient Temperature-40℃ ~+70℃
Warranty5-year standard warranty

Distribution Curve

Hazardous Location Led Portable Work Light EX02H Series

Dimension Diagram

Hazardous Location Led Portable Work Light EX02H Series

Unit: mm [ '' ]

Ordering Information

List of SKU Naming: EX02H -25U -6K -220

SeriesPowerInput VoltageCCTBeam Angle
EX02H‐15 = 15WL  =  12-24Vac‐3K = 3000K‐220 = 220°

‐25 = 25WE  =  100-240Vac‐4K = 4000K

U  =  120-277Vac‐5K = 5000K

UH = 120-347Vac‐6K = 6000K

DCL = 12-36Vdc

DCH = 140-250Vdc